Why Attend QuattroTech™ 2018

Hear High-Profile Keynotes

At QuattroTech™ four keynote speakers from diverse organisations will present their take on the main challenges and opportunities within each one of the main themes - CreateProtect, Use and Diversify.

Unleash Creativity in Your Organisation

As Harvard psychologists have discovered in a three-year study, the main skill that separates innovators from the rest is "associating": the ability to connect seemingly unrelated questions and ideas, from different disciplines and apply them to the problem to be solved.

And, according to Leonardo Da Vinci, to be more creative, the first thing you need to do is change your perspective. Changing perspectives allows the brain to move closer and closer to the core of what needs to be solved. That's why according to Walter Isaacson: "... At the court of Ludovico Sforza, Leonardo found friends who could spark new ideas by rubbing together their diverse passions."

By having professionals from different areas together, these new perspectives will appear.  The person who develops software has a different perspective from a business professional or a medical specialist.  By exchanging ideas during a friendly conversation or listening to an accomplished speaker, new solutions relevant to you or your team will appear more easily.

Interact With And Learn From Diverse, Forward-Thinking Speakers

Ranging from young startup founders to experienced academics, applied researchers and senior business people, speakers will provide interesting ideas and receive ideas from the audience.

Some of the topics the speakers will cover include:

  • Blockchain - Panacea or Folly;
  • Technology in 2041 - 3D food printing and going back to tribal basis;
  • Creativity and How to Do It - “People who don't know the box even exists are the innovative thinkers.”;
  • Human Bionics Interface - “star gates” of the future lie in understanding the brain;
  • Cybersecurity challenges for the workforce.

Quite often innovation and creativity come from quite unexpected places. For example, the CEO of Design Continuum believes that moving among different industries, "... frees you from the dogma of any one industry ...".

Meet Like-Minded People

At QuattroTech™ professionals will interact with colleagues outside their immediate area of expertise and will meet people they won't meet in their day-to-day work. 

All delegates will have the opportunity to "meet and mingle" at the cocktail reception on 26 February 2018 to be on Plaza Terrace overlooking Brisbane Wheel and CBD. In addition to the cocktail reception, the morning and afternoon breaks and lunches have been specifically designed to further promote discussion and networking.

The reception and the breaks will provide you with ample time to meet new people, talk to people you've already met or have known and create many productive and rewarding friendships and connections.

Understand And Appreciate Diversity Benefits

At QuattroTech™ one of the themes, Diversify, is dedicated specifically to the topic of increasing gender-, age- and ethnic-diversity within digital technologies.

Gender and age diversity can significantly improve results for commercial and public enterprises.  A study by McKinsey&Co has shown that 15% of gender-diverse organisations outperform the national median, while in ethnically-diverse organisations this figure increases to 35%.  The benefits of age-diversity have been clearly demonstrated in Estonia, where a 20-year old law student, Kaidi Ruusalepp, created the law for digital signatures in the late 1990s, many years before other countries.

Being part of or leading a diverse team, with above average performance, can significantly improve career prospects of all team members.

"Reverse Q&A" - Participate And Put Your Ideas Forward

At QuattroTech™ delegates will have the opportunity to provide ideas to speakers.  Each session will incorporate a "Reverse Q&A" segment.  In this part of the session a speaker will present a question to the audience related to their topic or work.  Using a game-based learning platform, delegates will be able to send their answers openly and anonymously.

At the completion of QuattroTech™ questions and answers from all sessions will be collated and sent to speakers and delegates. Consequently, "Reverse Q&A"  will allow you to express your own ideas and also bring many new ideas back to your colleagues.

Enjoy a World-Class Location

The Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC), where QuattroTech™ will be held, is located in the heart of the South Bank precinct and features 20,000 sqm of exhibition space and award winning catering and Audio/Visual production services.  And, Marin Latter - the Executive Chef at BCEC, has cooked for twenty-seven G20 world leaders and four generations of the British Royal Family.

In 2017 the Centre was awarded the International Apex Award for being the world’s best performing convention centre in 2017. This prestigious award follows the Centre’s recent successful hosting of the world’s most significant business event, the G20 Summit acknowledged as ‘Best Ever’.


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