We live in exciting times. The pace of change in our lives has never been greater. Within the space of 70 short years, humanity went from a 30-ton computer, with 100 words of memory, to self-driving cars; virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Home; drones delivering first aid supplies and artificial intelligence systems used to diagnose cancer.

And, the future looks even brighter. Yet, from time to time, it could also feel a little overwhelming. QuattroTech™ aims to change that by providing a rich collection of ideas to “jump start” our creative brains and highlighting the importance of human dimension.

Over two days, at QuattroTech™, 22 business, technology and education leaders will share their thoughts and experiences, and discuss how digital technology is shaping the present and the future. QuattroTech™ delegates will get valuable insights and ideas on how to harness the power of digital technology and, as a result, become ambassadors of change and thought leaders in their organisation.

The program at QuattroTech™ is structured around three themes reflecting the business cycle of CREATE -> PROTECT -> USE.  The fourth theme, DIVERSIFY, is focused on the catalyst that makes the final result outstanding - diversity in people.

Theresa Grafenstine

Theresa Grafenstine

Managing Director Deloitte, Washington DC
Melissa Kaplan

Melissa Kaplan

Chief Digital Advisor, Microsoft


Kate Hillman

Kate Hillman

Partner, Ernst&Young
Boyan Radoykov

Boyan Radoykov

Chief of Section, UNESCO


Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That's because they were able to connect experiences they've had and synthesize new things.

Steve Jobs

Program Structure

CREATE Highlights

The sessions in Create are focused on the initial stages of producing new technology processes and solutions.  The speakers in Create are startup founders, futurists, senior technology professionals who will share their own experiences, talk about projects and ideas they have conceived and discuss the opportunities and challenges facing digital technology and society:

  • Keynote: Creativity and How to Do It

  • Convergence of the health and human service sectors – powered by Digital or a barrier?

  • Discussion Panel: Lessons in Ingenuity and Resilience from Startup Founders

  • Technology in 2041

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USE Highlights

Digital technology is bringing considerable benefits to countries, individuals and organisations.

In Use speakers will talk about how digital technology is used in range of sectors to deliver better results for organisations, commercial and public, and individuals:

  • Keynote: Countering Violent Extremism and Youth Radicalization in Cyberspace

  • Exploring How IoT is Being Used... It's Already Here and Being Used Around You

  • Converging Technologies and Human Bionics: A Future Where No One Is 'Left Behind'

  • The Rocky Road from Idea to Launch: Experiences of an Entrepreneur

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PROTECT Highlights

In today's world, we all derive immense value from connectivity and will continue to benefit in ways that are hard to imagine now.  However, along the increased benefits come some significant dangers.

Speakers in Protect are risk and cyber-security professionals sharing their views on the future holds and the ways to protect  information, systems and processes. 

  • Keynote: Cyber Security: Industry, Workforce & Business Challenges Require New Approaches

  • e-Government & The First Digital Embassy - How They Fit Together

  • Blockchain: Is It a Security Panacea or Security Folly

  • Cybersecurity Certifications and Why You Need Them

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DIVERSIFY Highlights

All speakers in Diversify are passionate about getting better outcomes by involving a greater number of people in the digital technology area.  They will share their stories and views on how to increase gender and age diversity and what benefits this will bring for organisations, teams and individuals:

  • Keynote: How Can Diversity Make a Difference in Digital Technology

  • Where Are the Tech Girls? How Do We Get More Involved and Why It Matters.

  • Discussion Panel: Jobs for the Future - Building Australia's Talent Pipeline

  • Skilling Up the Next Generation: Making the World a Better Place

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Program Highlights

  • Digital embassies
  • Human bionics
  • Fighting radicalization on the Internet
  • Blockchain and its applications
  • Preparing our children for the jobs they will have in 20 years' time
  • Creativity in digital technologies
  • Diversity and its importance for successful initiatives